New Initiatives at High School

Freedom of Movement and Homework Initiatives


Wellsboro Area High School believes it is a privilege for students to move freely throughout the building during study halls, tutorials, etc.  Freedom of movement is not automatically given to a student, but must be earned.

If students fall into any one of the following categories, freedom of movement will be lost.


  1. Academics – 2 failures in any subject
  2. Discipline – no more than 2 detentions or 1 ISS during the marking period
  3. Obligations – this would include library, guidance office, and cafeteria


If students lose their freedom of movement, they must remain in their assigned class, study hall or tutorial and may not sign out to go to the library, art room, shop, music room, etc.  This also includes non-graded music rehearsals and all non-graded field trips/activities. The purpose of this is to ensure that students are learning responsibility that they will need in their future endeavors. Passing classes, staying out of trouble and paying outstanding fines are part of this responsibility.

There are no restrictions concerning the health office or bathrooms.

In addition to the Freedom of Movement initiative, WASD places a high standard on academic student achievement.  Students who fail to turn in 3 assignments in any given class will receive an after school detention on their 4th missing assignment and any subsequent assignments. This will be reset at the beginning of each marking period.

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