Freshman Syllabus

SPANISH 1 (Freshmen) Class Syllabus

Teacher:  Mrs. Erway 

Welcome to Spanish class!  Our goal this year is to have fun as we use Spanish to introduce ourselves, describe our classes, shop, talk about our favorite sports and pastimes, ask for directions in the airport, talk on the phone, describe our families, and more. We will also be discussing the culture and geography of Spanish speaking countries.

MATERIALS you must bring daily to class include your book, notebook, handouts, and a pen or pencil. CHEATING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.  Anyone caught cheating will receive a minus 100% on the test, quiz, or assignment. 

 MAKEUP WORK: See me in tutorial the day before any planned absence to get your work.   It is your responsibility to find out what work you missed or it will be graded as a zero.  If you miss class due to an in-school activity such as a band lesson, you must make up the notes and assignments before class the next day. For out of school excused absences, you have 3 days to make up the work.


1. Be prepared.            2.  Be respectful.         3.  Be positive. - Do your best and

RESULTS:                                                                            have a good attitude J  

Rewards may include:

*More group activities

*Opportunities for extra credit

Breaking a rule may result in:

*Two points lost for each offense

*Loss of rewards

*Serious offenses will be referred to the office           


The use of any electronic devices other than your school provided tablet is not permitted during school hours. They should be used for class purposes only. See Technology Policy on the portal.

 Students must see me in tutorial the day before any absences.  Students who miss any PART of a class more than once in the same week for ANY reason will forfeit their opportunity for the retake or any extra credit during that term. This includes being late to class more than once a week for any reason other than the following: Absence from school due to illness, required music ENSEMBLE rehearsal, or early departure for an athletic event.  Any subsequent absence in the same week will result in 5 points lost from the participation grade for each occurrence.

 Classes start promptly. Students must be in their seats and working on the bell-ringer when class begins.  Using the bathroom during class is only permitted in case of emergencies.  We will not use class time to give extra credit, take re-takes, or discuss future absences. See me in tutorial for these purposes.

 Please feel free to see me in room 201 or email if you have any questions or need additional help!  ¡Bienvenidos y buena suerte!

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