Health and Physical Education Syllabus

Course Description:


Health and Physical Education will be a progressive curriculum with a wide variety of experiences in Health and Physical Education that challenges the students, builds upon required skills and imparts additional skills necessary to remain healthy and active throughout life. This course will provide a variety of activities ranging from non-competitive to highly competitive activities and across a variety of categories such as team and individual sports, personal fitness, and outdoor and cooperative activities.



Course Expectations:


  • All students will be prepared for each class with proper clothing and sneakers. The Physical Education attire must meet the school dress code policy. Sneakers need to remain tied and not leave marks on the gym floor.
  • Students are expected to participate in each class to the best of their ability, with medical exceptions or restrictions reported to the instructor.





·         All students will have the opportunity to sign out a small locker. The student will need to inform their teacher. Do NOT SHARE with a friend. You must bring a COMBINATION LOCK and leave the combination with your instructor. Your Physical Education teacher is not responsible for your possessions. Valuables should not be brought to the locker room.

·         Students will be expected to be in the locker room by the bell. You will have five minutes to change into gym clothes. If you are late to class or late for attendance points will be deducted from the daily grade.

·         Students will warm up, stretch, listen to the lesson and participate. Help may be needed to set up and put away materials/equipment for class.

·         Following class, students will remain in the locker room until the bell rings and will be dismissed to the back hallway. 

·         Failure to follow these instructions will result in points removed from daily grade and may lead to disciplinary referrals.

·         Showers are available for students following class. Be sure to bring your own towel/soap, etc. for your use.

·         Items left in the locker room are left at the students’ risk.




Personal Behavior:


·         Observe and adhere to all safety rules.

·         Cooperate with peers and teachers.

·         Do not abuse equipment.

·         Do not disrupt class.

·         Do not enter the equipment room unless asked.

·         Report all injuries to the teacher.

·         Gum, drinks and food are not allowed in the gym or fitness center.

·         Cell phones are not to be brought into the gym. Please secure them in a locker.

  • Jewelry that may pose safety issues to anyone must be removed.
  • Piercings may need to be covered or removed for safety reasons.

·         All machines in the fitness center must be wiped down when you are finished using them. The weight pin must be returned to its lowest weight. Do not spray anything on the machines to clean them. 

·         Please report any broken equipment immediately

·         Equipment already in place in the gym is not to be touched, moved, or used in any way until the instructor directs. 

·         Students wishing to make up a class need to see their PE teacher and obtain a written pass. 

·         Entering the gym and using equipment without supervision is not acceptable and will be subject to disciplinary measures.




Marking period grades will be an average of Health and Physical Education grades.


Each Physical Education class period will be worth ten (10) points.  


Attendance- PARTICIPATION IN CLASS ACTIVITIES is the primary learning tool in physical education. Missed classes may need to be made up. After missing more than three (3) class periods in a marking period, additional absences will result in a zero for the day until the class has been made up. Students will need to arrange for make-up classes by talking with their PE instructor.

·         Participation- points will be awarded on each individual’s attempt to meet class objectives for each activity as well as demonstrating good sportsmanship. The students’ understanding of the rules, skills, strategy knowledge and application will also be part of participation points. 

·         Preparation- it is important for each student to change for class. Changing into the proper attire for class helps not only with good hygiene, but also safety. Shorts or sweatpants, t-shirt or sweatshirt, socks, and sneakers are to be worn to receive the full credit for the day. All unsafe jewelry is to be removed. Long hair should be pulled back. Any student not changing will lose three (3) points from their daily grade, after two (2) days of not changing a student will begin to lose five (5) points per day and may be referred to the office on a referral. After five (5) days of not changing students will lose seven (7) points from their daily grade and may be referred to the office.

·         Tests- all written tests will be given based on class content.

·         Homework-any assigned work will be graded and due on the assigned date.

·         Absences from class for multiple days may require written papers and/or a daily log of physical activity.


Medical Excuses:


All students must participate in class to the best of their ability. If you have a medical condition it must be documented and communicated to your instructor. If your injury requires the need to be out of class for more than two (2) days, you will be assigned written reports for class. If the rest of the class takes a written test the medically excused student will also take the exam. A grade of a ‘A’ for one nine weeks and an ‘M’ (for medical) will not automatically average to an ‘A’ for the semester. If you are ill for a particular class and do not have a medical excuse, you need to let your instructor know how you are feeling and a pass may be written for you visit the school nurse.    A medical excuse will not automatically pass you for physical education. 

When visiting a doctor it is important to have the doctor’s note list the activities you are able to still do. Many injuries should not completely prevent someone from taking PE class with modifications. (ie. Arm injuries can still walk on the treadmill or ride a bike in the fitness center. Leg injuries can still use the hand bike in the fitness center.)


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