Reading Strategies

Reading Strategies
KWL --The example is from a Ranger Rick article on Bats.
Students will make three columns on a piece of paper. Before reading write down what you Know about the subject in the first column. After scanning the text, and looking at pictures and headings, write down What you would like to know or learn. After reading the text, write down what you Learned in the third column.                                      
GIST --You can print the second page for help before, during and after reading.                                   
Vocabulary development--Use this idea for English vocabulary words, history terms, math terms, science terms, etc. Put the word in the middle. Define the word in the upper left quadrant. Make a personal connection to the word in the upper right quadrant. In the lower left quadrant, give a word or definition that is the opposite (antonym). In the lower right (my favorite quadrant), draw a funny (or serious) picture of what the word means to you.                   
list-group-label-- Two different examples using history lessons.  
skimming and scanning--Follow the directions and use the chart.                       
Comic strip--This example is using a short story. Draw pictures and write explanations under the picture.                                                                    

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