9 World English Syllabus

Syllabus for World Literature and Composition

Grade 9


This course includes essay writing, vocabulary, Accelerated Reader, grammar, usage, speaking and listening skills, and reading comprehension. World Literature will also be covered in this course and least two longer literary works will be read during the year.



Each student should bring an English notebook to class every day. The notebook should be a loose-leaf notebook so that it holds standard sized paper and will provide space for the many inserts or assignment sheets that will be distributed. It is suggested that your notebook be indexed into the following parts: LITERATURE/COMPOSITION/VOCABULARY/HOMEWORK



Turn in assignments on time. Compositions, homework, and any other work assigned must be turned in on the due date. If you turn an assignment in after the due date, please write LATE at the top of the paper. Grades will be lowered for assignments not submitted on the due date. If you have an excused absence, I will follow the school handbook for excused absences.


Please label homework papers correctly.


            Name:                                                                          Joe Smith

            Period:                                                                         5th  period

            Date:                                                                            September 7th

            Assignment:                                                                  Narrative paragraph


This information should always be found in the upper right hand corner of your paper.

  • You may use blue or black ink only on a written essay or paragraph
  • If you need more than one sheet of paper to complete an essay assignment, staple pages together in the upper left corner



Grading in this class will follow this scale: All quizzes are worth 25% of your grade. All written assignments are worth 25% of your grade. All tests (including accelerated reader) are worth 50% of your grade. Homework is extra credit. Homework can work 2 ways. If all assignments are turned in on time and are acceptable, you may earn up to one extra percentage point per assignment up to 10 pts. HOWEVER, if you miss ONE assignment by the end of the marking period, no extra points will be awarded. By the same token, if you miss more than four assignments, I will add up the assignments that are missing and there will be a deduction of one percentage point per assignment (over 4 remember).



Plagiarism, cheating, or any academic dishonesty, can result in a failing grade for the assignment or for the course. If you plagiarize in any essay or your research paper, you will automatically fail the course.


*If you do not understand an assignment or if you need help, you may come to my room before school or after school. If these times are not convenient, other arrangements can be made.

*I will work hard for you and I expect you to work hard for yourselves. This course can bring you intellectual benefits. We do not have to agree with one another, but we MUST respect one another. REMEMBER! Grades in this class are not given, but earned. Your success in this course depends on what you put into it.


*Ask questions if there is something you do not understand

*Make an effort to get your assignments when absent.

*You are responsible for all work missed during an absence


General rules:

Please do not bring any electronic device to class it WILL BE CONFISCATED!

Please do not bring playing cards to class

Please do not use RED INK when doing ANY assignments for this class.

Please bring the required book(s) to class. Likewise always bring a pen (blue or black ink) and pencil to class.

Please do not take books from the class with out signing them out.

If you are late for class two times without an excuse, you will be given a warning. After the third time, without an excuse you will be given detention. If you are more than five minutes late (one time) without an excuse, you will be given an automatic detention.


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