Behavioral Expectations

The most important rule is to respect individuals, the school, and their property.  This includes keeping one’s hands and feet to oneself and not touching other people’s things, including mine. 


Furthermore, if one cannot be kind in what one says, one should simply remain silent.  This is good advice for every single person—young or old—reading this.  Also, please keep feet off the furniture; seeing people draped about a classroom’s furnishings bugs me with its informality and lackadaisical attitude.


Never throw anything for any reason; remember, it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye!


For good classroom management students need to arrive at class on time and with their necessary materials.  Assigned seats are mandatory.  After all, students certainly expect me to be in my assigned area and with my materials ready to go.


During class, be aware of who ‘has the floor.’  Respect the speaker whether it’s a guest, I, or a fellow student.


Please help yourself freely to Kleenex without asking.  Use your own good judgment in disrupting for trashcan trips, pencil sharpening, or any other potential interruptions.


If there’s a problem in the class, please tell me about it.  I certainly cannot help you if I’m not even aware of a problem!


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