Building and Construction


            Welcome to Building and Construction. This class is a highly interactive class involving hands on activities.  Note taking, class discussions, tests and some homework will be involved.  The most important topic that will be covered and applied all year is safety.  Students will be taught how to safely function in both a shop atmosphere and on a construction site using a wide range of construction tools.


            Students are expected to show up to class on time and ready to work with appropriate clothing including leather shoes with closed toes, i.e. No flip flops or sandals. On work days students will be expected to use the information taught and discussed in the classroom and apply it to a real life situation or project.  I, as a teacher will be there to supervise, demonstrate, correct, and answer any questions that come up. The students will work on individual projects, with partners, in small groups and at times as a whole class.


            Class participation, how well the student works with others, attitude, test scores, homework, behavior and work ethic will determine grades. If the students went to a jobsite to work, the contractor would be looking for the same things.  Does the student know the information and know what he or she is doing?  Does the student get along with others working as a team? And does the student keep busy always looking ahead to what comes next, or does his or her boss have to constantly explain each detail over and over. As a contractor, myself, I know what employers are looking for out in the real world.  The student’s grade will reflect directly to how valuable he or she would be on the job site.


Grading will consist of           65%  Participation

                                                15%  Tests and homework

                                                10%  Preparedness

                                                10 % Cleanup


A         93%-100%

B         85%-92%

C         77%-84%

D         70%-76%

F          0%-69%


Hope you have a great year 


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