HS Chorus Syllabus Spring 2015

HS Chorus Syllabus Spring 2015

Class Syllabus – High School Chorus    (Spring 2015)


Instructor: Mrs. Smithgall

                    Email: jsmithgall@wellsborosd.org

                    Phone: 724-0332


Class Procedures and Expectations

§  Students will audition for part-placement. Students will then be assigned a vocal part to sing. Students will be given assigned seats.

§  Attendance will be taken from the seating chart. Please sit in your assigned seat.

§  Rehearsals will begin with warm-ups – physical and vocal. Warm-ups are designed to develop good posture, breathing, tone quality, vowel formation, consonant production, and a host of other things. Warm-ups are essential, and must be executed in a mature manner.

§  The bulk of each rehearsal will consist of concert literature. Each concert contains a wide variety of musical styles and time periods.

§  Students will sing the assigned vocal part to the best of his/her ability. Honest effort is all I ask!

§  Students will use music folders until the director asks that the music be memorized.

§  Music folders will be carefully returned to the proper slot before leaving the room.


Student Behavior

·         Arrive on time, pick up your assigned folder, and sit in your assigned seat, please.

·         Respect all people in the room. If a person’s voice cracks, don’t laugh. It might be yours next time.

·         Please refrain from disrupting class activities. That includes talking, writing notes, and doing homework during class. If we are learning parts, and you know there will be several minutes of “down time” for your section, you may study or read. Just be ready to sing when it’s your turn.

·         Be quiet while another section of the chorus is learning to sing a portion of the music. Listen to the part that is being learned. You will need to understand how your part fits together with the other vocal parts.

·         Take care of the music, folders, chairs and risers. Do NOT play the piano unless you are an accompanist or teacher aide. Pencils are not allowed near the piano keyboard.

·         No food, drink (except water), or gum is allowed!

·          Cell phones/devices will be turned OFF and out of sight during school hours!


·         This is a participation class. Participate in all activities and try your best to sing the part assigned. If you demonstrate effort, you will succeed and receive a good grade. If you make no effort, you will fail, and your grade will reflect your behavior.

·          Rehearsal participation and effort comprise 85% of your 9 weeks grade, with each rehearsal being worth 20 points.

§  Know the music!!! Concert literature must be memorized!!!!

§  Concert attendance and performance is required! Failure to do so will result in the loss of fifteen points off your 9-weeks grade, and expulsion from special ensembles. Only a very few written excuses will be honored for failure to sing in a major concert. They are: sudden extreme illness, absence from school on the day of the concert, hospitalization, death in the family. In any case, a written excuse needs to be turned in for evaluation.


Spring Chorus Concert – Tuesday, May 12, 2015 @ 7:00PM



This syllabus is for your information. Take it home; mark the concert date on your calendar and refrigerator. This syllabus is also posted on my web-site and parent portal.


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