Introduction to Art

Introduction to Art

Introduction to Art is a studio course that focuses on basic drawing and painting techniques.  Pencil drawing, watercolor painting, tempera painting, oil and chalk pastels, collage and sculpture are some of the activities utilized at an introductory level to meet the PA standards for Art in conjunction with  some cross curricular standards.  The color wheel and the elements and principles of design will be reinforced in several lessons.  In addition, art history will be correlated to several lessons.  Due to seeing the students on a daily basis, new projects will be given approximately 1 week for completion, unless otherwise instructed.  
Students will be graded according to a project rubric, which will be explained prior to the start of the new assignment.  I believe this makes it fair for those who are not very artistically inclined to achieve a successful grade.  Therefore all students should feel equal in the art room.  Motivation, participation, appropriate and respectful behavior earns one a higher grade and vice- verse. 
Everyone is expected to clean up after their work.  No mess is to be left for the art teacher or the custodians.   
Intro to Art is a prerequisite to all other studio courses.


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