Accelerated Reader

Welcome to Accelerated Reader. Some of you are familiar with this program, but for some of you it will be new. Those of you familiar with this will see some differences and some similarities as we start this program.

Each book is located in the library. You must check out a book from there and return it there. If you have ANY questions do not hesitate to ask Mrs. Knowlton. We have a new program this year in dealing with Accelerated Reader. We have gone ON-LINE! That means whatever book you can find on the Renaissance Website, we can pull a test into our library for you to take!!!


You will be responsible for each assigned reading and you will also be responsible for taking the quiz. You must do this on your own. Please realize that although I am here to assist you, you will have the RESPONSIBILITY for this program. You must be aware of the time restrictions.

The time restrictions are as follows:

You must read 40 points by the end of each nine weeks. If you fail to read the required 40 points, I will average your test grades together and subtract points at that time. For example, if you read 3 books, one worth 3 points(85%), one worth 10 points (65%) and one worth 18 points (55%), that would equal 31 points (3+10+18). You did not meet the required points for AR. I will then average the three tests (85+65+55=205/3= 68%). Then I will subtract 31 from 40 (9). I will then subtract the 9 points from 68% (59%) You now have a 59% as half of your grade in this class. Remember ALL tests are taken in the library.


The grading will be as follows:

Each test that you take will be recorded. Once we get to the end of the nine weeks, I will average out your test grades. That will be one test grade. Please realize that there is no way to cheat on these tests. If you cheat on your reading, you will only be hurting yourself.

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