Supervised Agricultural Experience

Supervised Agricultural Experience


SAE Recordbook Due Dates 2010-2011   All SAE Recordbooks must be e mailed to Mrs. Berndtson or brought in another electronic format!

SAE What's Due on 11/23/10

SAE What's Due on 10/27/10

SAE What's Due on 9/27/10
SAE What's Due on 9/27/10 2nd year+ students

SAE Grading Sheet

SAE Credit Syllabus

The templates and links below will help you keep records on your Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE)  and answer some questions you may have about it.  Please feel free to contact me by e mail if you have further questions, need help finding and SAE, or have any problems. 

** For other documents that go with the recordbooks please go to the recordbook section of the Pennsylvania FFA Website:

Approved Practices List

What is an SAE?   SAE is a planned program of activities conducted outside of classroom time in which students develop and apply agricultural knowledge and skill.  Open this powerpoint to find out more about what an SAE is, and what types of SAE's there are.  Pennsylvania SAE Powerpoint

SAE Recordkeeping Templates and Instructional Powerpoints:
Keeping records on your SAE is mandatory and how you will be graded, along with visits to your SAE site.  All SAE records will be done electronically in the 2010-2011 school year and you must use the following templates.  

Every student will complete the Common Pages.  All students will then use which ever file corresponds to the type of SAE they have.  All templates are in Microsoft Excel format.

Remember - Save Often!  This is a working document, do not delete it, you will continue to use it year after year and add to it and change it.

Common Pages: ALL students MUST complete this section
Common Pages Recordbook Template  
Common Pages Instructional PowerPoint

Entrepreneurship SAE: (When you OWN an animal/business/garden etc.)
Entrepreneurship Recordbook Template
Entrepreneurship Recordbook Instructional PowerPoint

Placement/Employment SAE: (When you work for/volunteer/help  a business or someone else)
Placement/Employment Recordbook Template
Placement/Employment Recordbook Instructional PowerPoint

Practicum Skills SAE:  (When you are working in the ag. room or shop outside of class time)
Practicum Skills Recordbook Template
Practicum Skills Recordbook Instructional PowerPoint

Conservation SAE: (When you plan and carry out a project to conserve a natural area, increase wildlife, improve the land etc.)
Conservation Recordbook Template
Conservation Recordbook Instructional PowerPoint

Improvement SAE: (When you are improving some aspect of your home, a business, your community such as efficiency, construction, beauty etc.)
Improvement Recordbook Template
Improvement Recordbook Instructional PowerPoint

Research SAE: (When you are researching some area in the agricultural sciences and carrying out an experiment to test a specific hypothesis)
Research Recordbook Template
Research Recordbook Instructional PowerPoint

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