Grading Policy

Grading policy


I will arrive at school early and stay late. Students, you are encouraged to please stop by if you have questions, problems, or wish to review your grade.  I am here to help you succeed.


Quizzes can be surprise.  Students should keep up with studying their class notes and always be prepared for an unannounced assessment.  Tests and special projects will count at least twice as much (and usually three times) as a quiz score.  Therefore, you will have plenty of advance notice to prepare for these events. 


If you sit at a desk with writing on it, please tell me so I don’t think you did it.  The same applies to receiving and signing out books.  Please tell me about any damage so the wrong person won’t be held accountable.


If you are absent from school with a legal excuse, you are still the one responsible for making up homework, quizzes, tests….  Look at your grades on line to see what you owe, or come in after school or during homeroom, and we'll look together.  If you're not sure what the on-line grade report says, ask!!!!  I guarantee other people are wondering the same thing!  If the report says you owe a quiz and you need the notes, check with me or classmates to receive notes, get assignments and arrange make-up work….  Always check your grades to verify work owed or typos.  Please ask for any help or additional explanation.


I will also give extra credit opportunities—lots of them!!!  For example, if you would like to put a bulletin board display together or present a speech on something we’re studying, I will give extra credit coupons that you may put on any quiz.  Bring in a vocabulary word found in a book you’re reading, or bring in an advertisement with a grammar error.  Draw a poster inspired by something we’ve read.  Create a cartoon based on English class, or simply cover your English books.  The only thing I’m averse to using for extra credit is writing.  I will not accept writing for extra credit.  Ask me why in person.


Extra credit opportunities will be denied to some students if extra credit--in my professional opinion--takes over a student's effort to do well on quizzes, or if extra credit permits the student to avoid doing homework assignments.  I'm also willing to deduct points for not coming prepared for class, not being in assigned area ready to work....



A zero means you didn't turn in your work, and you have a zero.  That is final, unless I've made a mistake and you can show me the paper with my handwriting on it.  An edit on your paper means you have been given only 1 point out of--generally--15 points.  That's not very much credit.  You can receive full credit, though, once you fix the problem and turn it back in.  An edit means, ‘I know you can do better, so if you want credit for this assignment, DO better.’  Edits—when fixed up and turned back in—receive full credit. Incomplete papers will also receive zeroes... even if only one is left un-done.  Otherwise, where do I draw the line?  The homework must be totally complete to receive any credit. 


I will not accept late work

My classes will be prepared for you daily without excuses:  Notes will be on the board, handouts ready to go, quizzes prepared for distribution, books read and researched… and most of the time homework will be given back the next day.  If I were unprepared for work, the consequences would be that I would lose my job; therefore, I think it a very slight consequence of your actions to adopt the policy of not accepting late work. Once I collect homework, anything turned in even a minute later is late and will not receive credit.  If you’re still hunting for an assignment in your notebook, or you think it may be in your locker, let me know immediately, and I will handle these episodes separately and fairly Naturally, copying homework as we go over it during class is cheating, and these assignments will receive zeroes.  Copying other students’ work will cause both students to receive zeroes.


Cheating is disgusting behavior. If a person isn’t whom he pretends to be at the end of the day--if one can’t trust one’s words or actions--what is that person?  Ten years from now the only single bad behavior that I’ll remember is lying/cheating.  No grade can be worth losing your good name or your self-respect.


Please proofread your grades weekly, and ask any questions!


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